• "History of the Grand Lodge of Alberta 1905 - 1980", by MW Bro. J.W. Collett - G.M. Grand Lodge of Alberta 1964 - was republished to make it available in digital format as well as a coil bound paperback.  I understand hard covered copies are still available from the Grand Lodge of Alberta.***
  • "Masonic Papers and Addresses" A collection of papers by MW Bro. (Rev) James W.  Roberts (deceased), G.M. of the Grand Lodge of Alberta in 1998.  Originally complied by VW Bro. Harry Noble Britannia Lodge #18 in 1995.  Updated and expanded version presented to MW Bro. Roberts, as the guest of honour, at the Masonic Spring Workshop in 2009, marking the occasion of his 50 years in Freemasonry.  ***
  • "Masonic Etiquettes" First published in 1994 by W Bro Harry J Noble (deceased), Past Master of Britannia Lodge #18 in Ponoka Alberta, Canada.  Re-published in 2008.  ***


  • Their Masonic Importance
  • Masonic Cornerstones Laid in Alberta

Traveling Gavels

  • Historically, Masons everywhere have developed or created friendly novelty excuses for increasing inter-Lodge visitations

Canada and Canadian Freemasonry

  • A History of Freemasonry as it spread across Canada.
  • Written by MW Bro. Hugh Young


A collection of E-Books, Poems and Essays