Living Stones Masonic Magazine

January 28, 2017 Clark No comments exist

Just for something different, here is a link to back issues of an extinct Masonic Magazine.  It was published by Bro. Robert Herd from 2011 to 2016.



“Living Stones Masonic Magazine was a monthly magazine that I published for nearly 6 years.  

Like many publications before it, the dwindling number of quality articles led to its eventual demise. 

I’ve published the links to each issue for you to download for free.  I feel the magazines and articles are in a way timeless, and will offer education and wisdom for years to come.  I hope you enjoy them.” – Robert Herd


Have a good week Brethren and remember the charge in the 1st Degree and “consider yourself called upon to make a daily advancement in …..ic knowledge.”

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