Don’t Stay Buried

September 16, 2017 Clark No comments exist

This story isn’t ours, but nevertheless it is a good one! A farmer had an old blind horse which had outlived his usefulness. One day he fell into an old well. The farmer looked in and saw him standing deep in the water. There seemed to be no way to get him out, and as he was quite useless, and the well abandoned and dangerous, the farm= ordered his men to fill up the well and leave the horse buried in it. The men began to shovel dirt into the well. But the horse was not willing to be buried. When the dirt began to pour in upon him he began to shake it off and tread it under foot. As the well was filled up the horse came nearer and nearer to the surface, and when the men finished the task the horse walked out into the pasture.


The very things which conspire to bury the lionhearted these days, are used by them to lift themselves out of difficulties and into the light. The very last thing one should do is to agree to stay dead and buried.


Reprinted from the very first Grand Lodge Bulletin (Now called “The Alberta Freemason”);
Volume 1 No. 1 December 1935 – Somethings never change

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