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March 4, 2017 Clark No comments exist

A Masonic Thought – picked up from the Internet:


You all should notice, it is common for a new member to come aboard, look around and suggest things to be done to improve Masonry.  But their background understanding is business were the top does the management. They get further miss information when they learn about our Grand Lodge and Grand Staff and all the committees we have.


They fail to note the Grand Lodge & Grand Staff and many of the committees are really without management powers.  That we function from the bottom up, each Lodge really determines and lives or dies by the action of its’ individual members.


They usually completely miss the fact that while we are ‘we’ all our activity is done by one member who chooses a project plans & makes it happen, ( with assistance from other who are always willing to help ).


So we are really a big ‘we’ who does nothing ….  but many “I”s who do a lot.


!!! think about that !!!

By; Bro. Tom Thornton


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