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  • History of the Grand Lodge of Alberta 1905 - 1980
  • Masonic Papers and Addresses, by MW Bro. James W Roberts
  • Masonic Etiquettes, by RW Bro. Harry Noble
  • Introduction To Freemasonry, 3 Degrees, by Carl Claudy

Masonic Papers 

(Corner Stone of Red Deer Masonic Hall)

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  • 1890 -1998
  • Their Masonic Importance
  • Masonic Cornerstones in Red Deer

Traveling Gavels

(Central District Traveling Gavel)

  • Check out the history of some of Alberta's Traveling Gavels

Canada & Canadian Freemasonry

- by MW Bro. Hugh Young

Masonic Reading List
by RW Bro. G. Kopp

Learning & Memorizing
Masonic Ritual
by Bro. Mark Waks

Moon Lodges
From: Alberta Freemasonry 100 Years

Historical List of Alberta Lodges

7 Liberal Arts

From Darkness To Light

History Of Beacon #190
- written in 1982

Of Plants, Symbols and Freemasonry

The Freemason At Work
-by Harry Carr

For those interested in reading where some of our Masonic symbols and practices came from or how they developed to current usage, this is an excellent book.  A digital version is available on the Phoenixmasonry website.

The Freemason at Work

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Grand Lodge Of British Columbia and Yukon

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Masonic Books

Introduction To Freemasonry
- by Claud Claudy (Approx. 1935)

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