"History of the Grand Lodge of Alberta 1905 - 1980", by MW Bro. J.W. Collett - G.M. Grand Lodge of Alberta 1964 - was republished to make it available in digital format as well as a coil bound paperback.  I understand hard covered copies are still available from the Grand Lodge of Alberta.***

Masonic Papers and Addresses" A collection of papers by MW Bro. (Rev) James W.  Roberts (deceased), G.M. of the Grand Lodge of Alberta in 1998.  Originally complied by VW Bro. Harry Noble Britannia Lodge #18 in 1995.  Updated and expanded version presented to MW Bro. Roberts, as the guest of honour, at the Masonic Spring Workshop in 2009, marking the occasion of his 50 years in Freemasonry.  ***

"Masonic Etiquettes" First published in 1994 by W Bro Harry J Noble (deceased), Past Master of Britannia Lodge #18 in Ponoka Alberta, Canada.  Re-published in 2008.  ***

Masonic Papers 

(Corner Stone of Red Deer Masonic Hall)

  • Their Masonic Importance
  • Masonic Cornerstones Laid in Alberta

Traveling Gavels

(Central District Traveling Gavel)

  • Check out the history of some of Alberta's Traveling Gavels

Canada & Canadian Freemasonry

  • Written by MW Bro. Hugh Young

Masonic Reading List
by Bro. G. Kopp

Masonic Reading List

Learning & Memorizing
Masonic Ritual
by Bro. Mark Waks

Ritual memorizing

Moon Lodges
From: Alberta Freemasonry 100 Years

Moon Lodges

Historical List of Alberta Lodges

Masonic Links


  • E-Books, Poems and Essays

Grand Lodge Of British Columbia and Yukon

Check out the "Sitemap" a great source of Masonic Information.

Masonic Books

Introduction To Freemasonry

by Carl H Claudy

(First published in 1935)

Entered Apprentice Degree


Fellowcraft Degree


Master Mason Degree



by J.S.M. Ward

(First Published 1923)

(Note: In 1987 the United Grand Lodge of England informed its members that "J.S.M. Ward's handbooks have no official standing and are not issued by Lodges to candidates. They were personal and very idiosyncratic interpretations of the history and meaning of the Craft rituals")

The Higher Degrees Handbook